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Salesman: (1) is responsible for client development, maintenance work, 2. Keep abreast of new industry trends and customer needs. More than two years work experience in the same industry, have their own customer base, familiar with a variety of sales dollars orifices canhard-working, responsible, practical work. With strong marketing ability, a high degree of integrity; 5, outstanding college students can also

Software Engineer: 1. Able to take new products start to work to ensure project quality, schedule and customer satisfaction. Able to complete a superior account of the work, preparation of engineering documents, 3. Skilled software applications such as CAD, Coreldraw , Basic English, can read the technical documentation. have a strong ability to communicate with customers and problem solving skills, after-sales service experience in security products, has a strong on-site response capabilities; 5. more than two years in the same industry work experience, very familiar with the ball machine, a strong sense of responsibility, practical work.

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