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Inside you do not know the Samsung LCD splicing wall
source:      Time:2011-04-07

Two screen splicing frame after total only6.7mm! Samsung Electronics launched in China the world's most narrow46 inch big screen liquid crystal display UT series upon exposure, caused many professional, industry and media attention, a variety of time - exposure, scoop meet the eye everywhere. However, for a" tiled display wall" for the application of the new product, the ultra narrow edge technology behind, whether there is a more valuable selling point? Editor interviewed Samsung in China Tianjin display factory responsible person, master first-hand data material.

Exceeding one's expectations is the new, combined with UT UD launched a full range of solutions, with the"6.7mm borders more than" gimmick highlights. If the world's narrow46 inch big screen liquid crystal display skeleton tiled display wall is the magician magic square, the UD solution is the hot Louis Liu!

Break through the limitations of original ID2plane stereo image mosaic

" Samsung commercial UT products, mainly in LCD splicing method, applied to large video wall areas, shopping malls, banks, airports and other public places to provide information, advertising carrier. Of course also includes weather, city traffic, security monitoring for display purposes." Samsung LCD display relevant responsible person without preamble to the small that Samsung new main industry application.

According to the responsible person said, in these crowded public places, the effective use of limited space, as the viewer to bring a strong sense of visual impact, Samsung commercial but also the original research and development of ID2splicing technology. Application of Samsung ID2 splicing technique, UT Samsung LCD display can be tilted forward 40 degrees, with Samsung exclusive splicing accessories, Samsung UT display can not only according to the industry customer needs, can be connected with various shapes of planar graphs, and more support for electronic screen, three-dimensional matrix and other three-dimensional graphics. The large screen LCD field of three-dimensional splicing breakthrough, the liquid crystal display splicing truly more style, much angle, multifunctional splicing effect, as the viewer brought find everything fresh and new visual experience.

Parallel250 NTU screen net to realize high resolution magic

It is understood, Samsung commercial UT products tailored to the MagicInfoPro magic net technology, this technology can support250Samsung LCD matrix parallel. It is the customer through a server remote synchronized control of 250UT Samsung lcd.

Is more prominent, with each UT Samsung LCD support 1366x768resolution calculation, when multiple LCD splicing, its resolution as the display amount increase into series growth. One can imagine, when by250Samsung LCD spliced video wall played pictures, the effect of imaging resolution will reach high resolution. We can imagine, in advertisement presentation, video studio, Samsung commercial ultra narrow side wall of the liquid crystal display stereo image mosaic can give the viewer how stunning visual impact? While in the city traffic, the field of security monitoring, with the network technology of it, to ultra narrow edge, high resolution, and can be reduced to the minimum so that the visual blind spot monitoring personnel, hitherto unknown to the " discover the minutest detail in everything".

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